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Mobile, Broadband and Comms 

We have launched our Mobile plans, with tariffs from all 4 major networks available at competitive prices! 

What's more, we now provide broadband (including fibre) and specialise in getting you connected even when infrastructure challenges are present. 

Explore our options today. 

Connectivity  Mobile Tariffs

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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Take the stress out of your business IT network with Powell's PCs. As a MSP, we handle everything so you can focus on what matters most.

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Cloud Services

We have been providing Cloud services to businesses for many years now. With Powell's PCs, we will find the best solution to answer your problem.

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Computer Repair

From the start, we have provided computer repair. From laptops with broken screens, to desktops with software and hardware faults. We have fixed thousands of computers!

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We are experts in keeping you connected, from mobile phones, Internet of Things, POC (Push to talk over cellular) radios, VOIP phones and broadband. Not to mention our suite of cloud services including Microsoft 365, managed anti-virus and IT hardware.

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