What is 'The Cloud', and how does it benefit business?

The term 'The Cloud' sometimes makes people feel nervous! After all, where is my data, is it secure and how can I access it?

Your Data

Storing data in 'The Cloud' has become a very popular option with businesses large and small. Your data is placed into a secure data centre, guarded by physical and digital security measures to ensure that it remains, your data! At Powell's PCs we not only assist with product selection, but also manage the whole migration process. 

Is It Secure?

With Cloud Services from Powell's PCs your data is very secure. We monitor and manage all cloud data subscriptions, actively follow technology news and inform our customers immediately of any potential threat that could affect their data. Additionally, when provisioning new cloud services, we ensure that every possible precaution is taken to secure your account.


Data stored in the cloud benefits from being in high availability data centres, boasting extremely high uptime rates, in many cases exceeding 99.99%. This means that your data is available on demand at all times.

Additionally, you can access your data from almost any connected device. The day of being confined to an office or desk, are over!

How it works...

Solution Design

We listen to your needs, wishes and requirements in our 1-2-1 requirements meeting

Product Deployment

We select, provision and setup the required product for your specific need and handle all the techie part, behind the scenes

Data Migration

With your input, we select an appropriate date to migrate your data into your specific solution. Your data is handled with extreme privacy and security at all times

Handover Date

Once your new services are live, data has been migrated and we have finished testing, we handover to yourself. But, it doesn't stop there. We are with you throughout your journey and become your point of contact for queries and issues.

Over 1 million companies use Microsoft 365!

Businesses love 'The Cloud'. Trust Powell's PCs to help you understand the benefits too!