• Harry Powell

Digital Smart Walls!

Ok, so over the last few months we have been thinking what is the best way to keep a close eye on our clients servers and networks so we can respond quicker to incidents, so we bought a 40" TV, mounted it on the wall and used a raspberry pi to run some special software to create our very own smart wall!!

Loads of data is available here to see at a glance! We have our calendar, network monitoring system and server status system as well as the time, guest WiFi password and weather information. We also have scope for so much more and will soon be integrating our help-desk into this system! (and of course we have the background as the dog!)

If your business needs a smart wall like ours why not get in touch for some info! It doesn't have to just display info like ours, it can be used for customers to read a little about your business, view a meeting rooms schedule or even for a fancy window display!

Oh and sorry about the white paint over everything, we can't really show off our clients details or their IP addresses, that wouldn't be very good! :)

(the cables will be going in some trunking down the side, just haven't quite got around to that bit yet!)

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