Businesses need reliable networking solutions to ensure uptime on PCs and networking equipment. 

Powell's PCs can run and install hardwired networking points throughout your building, and can give advice on new builds regarding equipment and networking installation locations. We have project managed several housing builds to ensure networking points and equipment is installed during the early stage of construction to avoid messy retrofits.

From here we fit and maintain Ubiquiti Networks equipment (Gateways, Switches, Wi-Fi access points and much more). Once this equipment is in place, it is remotely managed, monitored and updated by Powell's PCs as part of the networking agreement. This highly reliable equipment is used all around the world by large organisations who have thousands of devices connected to their networks.

Once the network has been fully installed, we then use our brand new Navitek NT Pro network tester to prove everything is working correctly and back it up with a certificate logging all the tests we have conducted! If you have had a network installed by an electrician and require a networking certification test get in touch! 

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