Hate it or love it, many businesses are migrating to the cloud. Adding additional security, reliability and efficiency when configured correctly enables businesses to operate more effectively. With the ever increasing cost of operating on site hardware and risk from natural disaster (such as fire) many businesses are opting for this solution.

Powell's PCs works with one of the leading cloud organisations to provide its clients with high reliability applications such as Microsoft 365, Exchange Email (complete with security and backup), Microsoft Azure, Cloud Telephony, Cloud Backup, Powell's PCs managed antivirus solutions, Email encryption, Sharepoint and much more.

The best part about our cloud services is that you are paying for local support. If you experience a problem with your service, Powell's PCs is at the forefront of the investigation. This means no long complex calls with service providers, just report to us and we take care of the rest. In addition, some of our services and remotely monitored by us and we can act on issues and problems before you even realise! 

Our leading antivirus solution is automatically managed and we monitor your PC every day for security breaches. This helps you comply with GDPR!