Enterprise CCTV

In the UK, there is estimated to be 4 - 6 million CCTV cameras all working to protect public and private investment. Powell's PCs has worked with several companies to design, install and provision high quality CCTV systems and networks.

Using the latest and best CCTV cameras on the market, offering a huge range of options from ultra low light cameras to full 4K cameras, we can design a system to your requirements. We run cable and install all recording equipment. For larger installs we opt for Milestone XProtect recording and management systems, one of the world leaders in CCTV recording software.

Monitor your cameras from a mobile phone, tablet or PC when away from the office for complete piece of mind. All CCTV servers and remotely managed by Powell's PCs to ensure that the systems are operational at all times and in the event of a outage we will notify the supplied contact instantly and dispatch a technician to investigate problems as soon as reasonably possible.

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