Ajax Alarm System

What is Ajax?

Ajax is the smart alarm system sent from the future to up your security game now! And we fit it! 

Completely wireless sensors means that we don't have to destroy your house to fit this neat system, and there is no need to worry about batteries, this system uses Jeweller, a long range, low power secure wireless transmission system giving the sensor battery lifetime between 5 - 7 years! At this point, change the battery yourself, or we will do it automatically when we get notification the power is low!

The brain of the unit is smart, it features an intergrated battery to ensure the system keeps working in the event of power failure, and a GSM SIM card in case the internet connection is lost, so you will always be connected to your home.

Whats more, we can intergrate Ajax's fire and flood detection systems for complete piece of mind, day and night. 

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