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Almost every home now has some form of computer and some form of internet connection, and with the government pushing for everything to be done online, some people are struggling to keep up.

Powell's PCs can offer you friendly and professional training at your pase, we don't rush you, and we don't give you complicated language without properly explaining what it means. This means you can start to learn how to use a computer at your pase.

As well as providing training we also provide computer repairs, we come to you saving you the trouble of unplugging your computer and having to reinstall it at a later date. Often we can fix the problem there and then, but when we can't we take the computer back to our base and repair any issues with state of the art equipment and tools.

Broadband can be a big problem for people living in rural areas, Powell's PCs and provide advice to help speed your connection up and make suggestions for cable routing and internet router placement. We can also provide Wireless Boosting systems throughout your house if your Wi-Fi is poor.

We can fix almost any problem, from printers to PCs and loads, loads more. Please get in touch with us for advice or to arrange a home visit.

Here from some of my customers:


We recently (May 2016) moved to South Norfolk from the Brentwood area & knew that sorting out & re-installing our old PC was unlikely to be easy for us, so were very relieved to find that Harry from Powell's PC's was able to help us out. 
He was friendly & extremely efficient, installed & 'cleaned up' our computer, got the ethernet-connected TV going, set up the somewhat old Wii, gave good advice about a new replacement PC & even showed us how to access the connector on our Calor gas bottle! All this at a very reasonable cost - much cheaper than in suburban Essex. He is currently building a new PC for us, and we look forward to using his services for some time to come. 
We certainly recommend him to anyone needing IT advice & support.


Having moved from Berkshire to Norfolk some eighteen months ago I have been extremely lucky and blessed in finding Powell's PCs for help with my computer.

I am of the older generation and I can't compliment Harry enough (being an extremely intelligent and personable young man) as he has given me so much help, guidance and confidence with my computer.  He has got me out of many (complicated to me) situations with untold patience.  He even helped me over the telephone to India (a 3 way communication) in dealing with certain guidance on my computer;  it was a situation with me not understanding what was being said (Harry took over in a very professional and calm way, which was of great relief to me).  Since Harry has solved many problems with my computer and given thought, understanding and guidance on how best it is for me to use it I am slowly getting to enjoy switching on.  Prior to this there always seemed to be something that needed updating or something appearing, which I didn't understand and wasn't sure whether to reply yes/no!!! Hence I ended up getting in a real mess and stressed out. 

I certainly would NOT hesitate in recommending Powell's PCs to anybody.  A big factor also is that you do not feel you have been RIPPED OFF! as indeed I had on several previous occasions where maybe something was put right but then realised something else was not working in the same way!!