Domains, Windows and Data Control

The best solutions for business

The very best method for managing business ICT networks (5+ computers). Adding a domain controller and client computers is a fantastic way to manage your ICT efficiently and easily. Computers are controlled by a server and users can login on any computer with all their data accessible. Domains and domain controllers also make security management easy and fully automated. Powell's PCs fits and maintains domains and networks. Often a monthly visit is required to clean up and maintain a server, but all of this is taken care of by us automatically, so you do not need to worry about calling us out!

Powell's PCs is constantly up to date with windows information meaning as soon as something changes, we know about it. This means that your organisation will always experience up to date information and with constant change in the ICT industry, you can be assured that you will always receive the best information and recommendations. Often these changes will be applied without you even knowing, taking all the stress out of ICT management and eliminating the need for in house ICT in smaller organisations.

Controlling data can be a pain. Sometimes you want everyone to have the ability to access a file and sometimes you need to keep it private. Powell's PCs can provide systems of this nature to ensure that your data is protected from those who do not need to see it.