Business ICT Solutions and Support

Business ICT and Solutions

Businesses today are consistently relying more and more on ICT for communicating, keeping essential records and for having a close eye on stock control. With these complex systems coming into place, a security risk is straight away generated! And how do you link data so everyone can access it?

Powell's PCs can provide any business with a solution to meet any requirement. Whether it is an office that needs computers and servers to share files, an email system or just configuring an internet connection, we can take the stress out of your technology needs.

What's more, Powell's PCs deals with everything in one central place. We can build and manage your website, email system, servers, client computers and lots more. There is no need to use multiple companies which makes it a lot easier to pick up the phone and tell us your problem, it also means that we can get it fixed and get your ICT back up and running as soon as possible.

What do we provide?

Powell's PCs provides:

  • Computer installs
  • Server installs
  • Full building networking (connecting devices together to allow computers to communicate with each other)
  • Part finding (we can find parts cheap, saving you the need to research and find the cheapest prices)
  • Printing installs
  • Web design and hosting
  • Email systems
  • Spreadsheet design
  • Training
  • General advice and recommendations
  • Lots lots more, please contact us for more infomation.